A busy fortnight in 4a

Welcome back 4a fans.

We have had a busy fortnight settling back into the school routines after our busy Christmas holidays. We have done a lot of work in the last two weeks and Miss Edwards is super impressed with what we have achieved. We have spent the last two weeks looking at a fantastic picture book called The Green Ship. We have produced some brilliant art work and some wonderful written work based on the  book and we are super proud of how much we have done.

We have written letters ho me to our parents as Jake, the main character in the story. Also, we have created  poems about storms at sea and written super descriptive pieces about storms using our new magpie books to help us.

The art work has been great too. We produced cloud art by going outside and observing the clouds, talking about what we could see and then turning clouds into whatever our imaginations wanted us to. We also spent some time looking at the illustrator Quentin Blake and having a go at mimicking his artistic style. We found this really interesting.  

We have also worked really hard in maths. We started the term with a bit of revision, looking at written addition and subtraction and it is safe to say we are pretty good at this. We then moved on to something completely new and we were amazed at how quickly we picked it up. We enjoyed learning about coordinates and translation and all of us can now read and plot coordinates as well as translate dots or shapes.

Here are some photos we have taken over the last two weeks. Enjoy.


Faye could see an elephant in this cloud. What can you see?


Miss Edwards can see a dinosaur here. What about you?

IMG_1934 IMG_1935 IMG_1936