A busy colourful week!

Hello Penguin followers

This week we have been busy preparing gifts for Mother’s Day.  We talked about why are mummy’s or female carer’s are special.  “She takes care of me” said Alfie.  “My mummy do my sandwiches” said Tristan.  “I love my mummy because she is beautiful” said Lilia.  “She gives me cake” said Ciara.

On Thursday we celebrated ‘Holi’ the Hindu festival of colour.  Lilia brought in a photo of her great grandma who comes from India, she also wore her indian clothes called ‘salwar kameez’. We watched a video clip of a little boy preparing for Holi celebrations.  He ate special food, wore special clothes and then threw bright coloured paint all over his family.  To end a great morning we then had a visit from Chloe who taught us some ‘Bollywood’ dancing.  This was great fun and we were able to show our parents/carers the video at open afternoon.

DSCN2542DSCN2544  DSCN2547 DSCN2554 DSCN2556