A Bug’s Life

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Photo 2Hello, this is the kids talking today and we’re going to tell you what we did today (well actually it was yesterday!). So what we did is we went to this hut – just in our field and this man came in (I can’t remember his name – hold on Kane said his name was Paul). He showed us some very interesting animals and insects like the cockroach which hissed out of its butt – weird right! Also we saw a stick insect that ‘crunched’ every time it moved. We got to hold an anaconda’s skin – it was about 3 metres long which you should be able to see in the photos above (we had to take 2 photos to get it in!!). There was a very hairy spider called a tarantula which was scary. A frog was trying to escape and it kept bouncing around. Then a lizard was doing the same trying to climb out of the box (they were a tree frog and tree lizard). It was funny! He had a corn snake – watch out he could strangle you. Another animal was the gecko that had no eyelids. Joe and Taylor had a staring contestant with it but they lost. If the gecko gets anything in his eyes he licks them. Another interesting creature was the Madagascar giant centipede which had 250 legs. When anything tries to eat it, it produces a sap that smells and tastes horrible so it is left alone – except meerkats which have learnt to roll the centipede in sand until all the sap has gone. Then they peel off the skeleton and eat it.
At the end of the day, we looked at some pictures of all the places the man had been. Did you know that once he nearly got killed by a cobra?
So we enjoyed ourselves and we hope you like this blog.