A Big 10 For The “Ten Pieces!”

We had a wonderful morning today when we went by coach to Clevedon to visit the very old cinema, “The Curzon”!

There were other schools there too and all of Y5 and 6 from Bournville were there. The cinema was built in 1912 and it has an amazing, old organ there that was used in the 1930s.

The music we heard was inspirational, with funny and informative films to go with the pieces chosen. Mrs. Charles’s favourite was ” Night On The Bare Mountain ” by Mussorgsky and Mrs. McKay loved ” Hall Of The Mountain King ” by Grieg.  Charlie liked the one that was composed just for the film – it was done by humans making noises with no real music! Amazing!

We forgot to include the photo of Demi and Lily-Rose wearing their Cub uniform last week on 11th November! They looked fantastic.

More from us soon!