6b’s first match in The Bournville Games

Friday lunchtime saw the first of 6b’s fixtures in The Bournville Games playing football against a strong 6a. 6b knew that their competition were as ready for the game as they were. It had been the talk of the year 6 corridor all week, some of players had even reported that they had written a formation and stuck it to their fridge at home-today was a big day!

Both team started well, passes were accurate and whilst the defenders, Lilly Fergusson, Ayisha Islam and Millie Jones battled with determination. Ashley Shepherd quickly put his name on the score sheet with a well placed goal after a vital tackle from Marli Gibson, despite this 6a fought on and were rewarded with an equalizer soon after. With the confidence of an equalizer, 6a soon became the stronger team and changed the score line to 2-1. Goal keeper and captain, Tyler Goddard, lead from the back and scored what spectators called a ‘screamer’ scoring from a goal kick!

With the scoreline at 2-2 it was impossible to say who the winning team would be. With only minutes to go, a nimble Elliot Reynolds Hodge weaved between the defence after a nicely placed ball from Sam Jones and Elliott slotted the ball into the corner of the net. However 6b were not able to celebrate for long as in the last minute of the game 6a came storming forward to bring the final score to 3-3.