6b update…

We’re back with another 6b update.

This week we’ve been very busy. In English, we have been improving our sentences. Now we are sentence masters using a variety of sentences from complex, compound and simple sentences.

Also in maths we have been measuring angles using a protractor. We have learnt how to draw and tell the properties. 6b’s top tips: an acute angle is less than 90o degrees and an obtuse is more than 90o degrees but less than 180o degrees. Plus, our saying for an acute it is small and cute!

Last of all, many children in 6b have been playing netball and football for the school teams. Niall was the man of the match in football and Caitlyn scored all 6 of the goals in netball so Bournville won in all of the matches against Windwhistle. In netball we won 6-1 and in football 1-0.

This weeks reported were Katie, Lily-Rose, Niall and Lilygrace.