6B are in the land of Greece!

This week we had a very special visit from Demetris he owns a restaurant in town, he serves Greek food in his restaurant. He was the perfect visitor for us as we are all learning about Greece. He kindly let us try some of his delicious foods which were: Chicken kebab covered with coriander, rice and salad dressed with olive oil and on the side there was some soft bread! Megan said, “The whole meal was scrumptious!”

Literacy: we started reading our new book Theseus and the Minotaur! On Monday we did some role play to the book and we also started to write in role. However, Miss Wright told us not to use the word scared in our writing so all of work now is so more powerful with description!

On Thursday ks2 held an amazing Greek exhibition. Parents and other classes came round to look. We also had a very special guest who came to our exhibition he came all from the London museum. When Demitris came he said that 6 lucky children would be able to eat at his restaurant for free! So the museum man asked if he could pick 1 person to go to his restaurant.

We wonder who will get to go? We will let you know in next weeks blog.

Bye 6b fans ,we will be back with another update soon!!!

Your writers have been Caitlyn Moore & Caitlin Thomas