6a’s Weekly Chat!

Welcome to the World of 6a!

This week we have been doing many things, including football matches and a maths day. We were doing regular work at the beginning of the week, then on Wednesday the football team had a tournament. The players in the football team were Tayler,Tommy, Leo, Kieran, Tyi, Joe, Patrick, Ethan, Alex and Adam. We drew 2-2 in our first match against Corpus Christi and won 3-1 in our second match against Windwhistle !!!!!! That was only the local tournament and now we are going to the regionals !!!!

On Thursday, Toni, Kieran and Mia went to a maths day. There were children there from Milton Park, St. Martins and Ashbrooke House Schools. It was really challenging but great fun! We did problem solving, shape work, time lines and we also did a team work challenge!

Here is problem we had to do, see if you can work it out!

Show time

Ellie arrived at the theatre 15 minutes early.

But the show started 10 minutes late.

The show lasted 2 hours and 25 minutes and finished at 10:30pm.

At what time did Ellie arrive at the theatre?


Thank you for reading our weekly chat. We hope you enjoyed it!

Don’t forget to join us again next week!

Toni & Tommy (6a)