6a’s Weekly Chat

What a busy week we’ve had!

On Tuesday, we had a visitor. She was from Asda and she told us how to make bread. At first, we had a bag filled with all the ingredients to make it. Next, we had to knead it into shape for ten minutes. Once we had done that, we put the bread into the tray and left it to set. Finally, we put it in the oven.

On Wednesday, we reviewed our SATs papers and we all got fantastic levels. We revised the mental maths papers; many people enjoyed it! First thing, we did P.E where we learnt a new game. It was my personal favourite.

For a change, on Thursday we had celebration assembly where we won the PE award. Later that day, we did an instructional text about how to make bread; everyone was delighted with how good theirs was.

Lots of us went to Harry Potter Night on Thursday and had a great time!

Friday was about e-safety.Two people came in to our school and put on a great show; it was about keeping safe on the internet. Eventually we had fab Friday.

Chloe thought that the bread was brilliant.

The blog was writen by Chloe C and Alex. See you next week!