6a’s Weekly Chat!

On Monday, we learnt about the heart. The blood gets pumped arround the body by the heart and we made posters to show what we had found out. We had attendance assembly for people who had 98, 99 or 100 per cent attendance.

On Tuesday, we had an assembly for Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the sheep and we learnt what the sheep meant.

On Wendnesday, we learnt about one of the co-operative values which is co-operation . After lunch, we spoke some more about our friendship and that it involves being co-operative.

On Thursday, we learnt about litres and millilitres and  that we can record them as decimals and fractions. We wrote sentences about the weather in French and played dominoes.

There was a lot to celebrate in service on Friday and several of our class got awards.

Mia and James

Remember it’s Harry Potter night on Thursday!