6A’s Weekly Chat

This week has been a fun week. An author came in and we finished our sex education by asking questions.

On Monday, it was Mrs Ludwell’s birthday so we all had some CAKE.

The author was Peter Jay Black and he came in to talk to us about his book, ‘Urban Outlaws’. He signed copies for us and also he anwsered questions about his book. Mrs Ludwell gave us book marks and he signed the book marks for us as well.

During sex education, we asked questions and Mrs Wilsher answered them for us. We also watched how babies are born and how they are made. At points, it was a bit funny.

In maths, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages.

We are still working on Wolf Brother in Literacy and this week acted out one of the scenes in the book to help us with our writing. We then wote a letter as one of the Raven Clan to tell someone else about it. Mrs Wilsher says our writing is really improving!

So this week has been a fun, exiting week.

Bayley and Danielle