6a’s Weekly Chat!

Hello 6a fans!

On Monday we started our new book called “Wolf Brother,” by Michelle Paver. It is very interesting. I wonder what’s coming next?? We read Chapter 1 and had to write our likes ,dislikes and connections about the book. One of our connections was “The Boy Who Cried Wolf!” another one was “Brother Bear,” because they both have wolves in them.

On Tuesday there were six people who went to do a bugs and insects day. There were lots of insects there, it was very interesting. In maths we did some ordering of fractions.Also Bryony,our goal keeper in our football team, and Dannye, went to Nailsea to do football training after school. It was a lot of  fun that  night!

On Wednesday we went into the Small Hall.  We acted out a scene from Wolf Brother. There was cooking , sharpening tools , cutting meat and making weapons. There was a lot of noise and it was very busy.

On Thursday we did some talking about Healthy Eating.  We joined up with 6b, made some adverts and wrote some jingles  about cutting down on sugar.There were a lot of good ones there .They made us laugh! We also did a fractions challenge, it was quite difficult but we all managed to do it.

On Friday, Jack got his Silver Award and Tommy got his Gold Award. We hope to  get more awards next week.

That’s it for now, we hope you have a good weekend!!

Bryony & Jack