6a’s Weekly Chat!

Welcome back. We hope you had a good break. We have been busy. On Tuesday, we had a WOW day. It was all about our topic ‘The Circle of Life’. There were some activities that we did. We did Tabata and aerobic exercise. In circiuit training, we did some burpies, step ups, shuttle runs, push ups and we checked our pulse every time after our exercise.Then we had Boot Camp and we had a real Corporal in. There were lots of obsticles.  We had the tunnel, pulling some ropes that were tied onto punch bags and then we jumped across some benches. Then there was a cup of coloured water in a bucket which we had to move as a team without spilling. Finally, we had a go at some yoga. In yoga, we did the tree and we did the cobra and then we did some relaxing at the end of the day.

On Wednesday, we had P.E and then we had to do fractions in maths. We wrote a recount about our day on Tuesday.

Thursday was the best day ever!  We did more work on fractions and some work on the different types of sentences. In the afternoon, we learned about the weather in French and then looked at healthy eating in science. We also visited the library.

On Friday, we started our new Literacy book for this term called ‘Wolf Brother’. We’ve only read the the first two chapters, but it’s really exciting so far.

Nikita and Nathan.

Very Happy New Year from 6a and all the staff!