6a’s Weekly Chat!

So much has happened in the past two weeks that it’s hard to know where to begin!

We continue to work very hard in maths and English. Highlights have been practically solving capacity and volume challenges which needed a great deal of understanding of the maths and team work and using our writing skills to produce some great pieces of work in English.

Last week, we celebrated World Book Day and the class was full of excellent costumes! 

When we went to the hall for assembly, there were so many book characters! It was amazing to see! Who could this be?

In the afternoon, we visited our reading buddies in Penguins and had a lovely time listening to stories and sharing them. 

After school, there was a Book Share in the hall, where the children could listen to stories and do craft activities. There was also hot chocolate and popcorn!

This week, we also had a session of wheelchair basket ball. The children had lots of fun and learned a great deal. 

(pictures to follow!)

In Science, we have been sorting materials and discussing their properties. 

Until next week…