6a’s Weekly Chat

This week, we have received another letter from Q Pootle 5 and this time he wanted to know about how night and day are created.  When we heard what information he needed, we all got busy  researching the topic. Finally, we will make a video for him. Hope he likes it!

We were very fortunate on Tuesday because we went to the Curzon Cinema to watch ‘Ten Pieces’. This is a film made by CBBC to inspire children to enjoy classical music.That afternoon, we painted  pictures using our imagination whilst listening to the music again.

This week has been ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ .  We had to make a person to hang in reception and write an anti- bullying statement.

Numeracy saw us  learning about graphs, including how  to make and read  a line graph and pie charts.

On Wednesday in P.E, we played capture the flag. Capture the flag is a game where there are two teams opposing each other. The object of the game is to capture the flag from the other team’s half. (Actually we have a soft ball, not a flag!) Everyone loves this game. This week, we won the trophy because we got a maximum 20 points for four PE sessions.

Congratulations to Chloe J and Chelsey for their silver awards!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, from 6A!!!

Kacie and Bethany