6a’s Weekly Chat!

Another week nearer the end of the year! I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. It’s been another very busy week.

On Monday, we continued working on our science projects using electricity. Each group came up with a very creative and entertaining way of demonstrating their understanding of circuits by creating an activity to share with Penguins. Monday afternoon was the Summer Fair- what a great afternoon! So many activities and so much fun! Poor Mr M and Ben were soaked many times over during the afternoon!

Tuesday was transition day for many of us. I met my new class- the current 5b- and many of my class went to Broadoak to meet their new teachers and children from other schools. They all seemed very happy and full of stories about their new school which was lovely! In the afternoon, the school watched the Y3/4 production which was amazing! 

Our science projects were finished on Wednesday, ready to share with Penguins on Friday afternoon. Different groups made quizzes and games which the younger children really enjoyed investigating.

Children going to Hans Price went to visit on Thursday and all the remaining Y6 children worked with me creating animations based on ‘Shh! We Have a Plan!’ and ‘Oh No, George!’ by Chris Haughton. The children were excellent-working, planning and creating together with such maturity and skill. It was a pleasure to be with them!






Camp next week- make sure you remember all your kit!

Have a lovely weekend.