6a’s Weekly Chat!

It’s been another action-packed week for Year 6! With only two and a half weeks until the end of the year, we are still hard at work, making the most of every day together!

The week started with a group of children from 6a and 6b going to the Apple Store in Cribbs Causeway. In groups, we created a storyboard and then animated our stories using Plasticine models and i-Pads. Mrs Waldron and Mrs Wilsher also had a go, using the Very Hungry Caterpillar as their main character! 

In the afternoon, we explored circuits, using the new science equipment that Mr Stansfield had bought. So much exploratory learning took place! Questions were being posed and solutions discovered all over the classroom! Brilliant fun!

On Tuesday, children from 6b went to the ‘Trust’s Got Talent’ to perform their song/dance from our ‘Mary Poppins’ performance. Half of 6a were lucky enough to have their names drawn so they were able to go and watch the performance. They all report back that it was an excellent event and they really enjoyed the experience! Those of us who stayed in school leaned how to use watercolour paints and used the work of Michael Foreman to inspire our own paintings. The results were excellent-and everyone was very proud of their work.

Our brains have been challenged by some maths problems this week! Reasoning, discussion, team work- all areas of skill and co-operation were needed!

Sports’ Day was an excellent event and much enjoyed by everyone. Mrs McKay upheld 6a’s honour by running for us – she embodies the spirit of sportswoman-ship perfectly!

Year 6 have also started to rehearse and prepare for their Leavers’ Celebration. Creative and original as the children are, the show promises a wide range of talent and variety!