6a’s Weekly Chat!

Where is the time going? We have been so busy! This week has been Arts’ Week and we have been on two trips!

On Monday, we started work on our art linked to our project on alternative energy sources and the impact they have on the environment. Looking at the work of artists, we tried out various techniques and planned our own work. 

We went to Hinkley Point where we had a tour of the plant and enjoyed being dressed up in high viz jackets, hard hats, goggles and ear defenders! It was a busy day, but we were praised for the quality of our questioning and our behaviour. 

On Wednesday,we were joined by parents who helped us to plant trees and to create chalked art work!


Our Masterpieces were great fun and we all enjoyed the experience.

IMG_4644 IMG_4645 IMG_4647

IMG_4721 IMG_4722

Visiting Farmer Nick was Thursday’s fun. We spent time in his wood identifying trees from their leaves, seeds and bark. The children were excellent and really enjoyed it. We then went off on the tractor/trailer to visit the cows- who were not cows! Farmer Nick answered all our questions about his various types of heifer; once again, the children came up with excellent questions and listened carefully to everything they were told!

IMG_4734 IMG_4738 IMG_4739 IMG_4741 IMG_4752

After lunch, we set off on the tractor/trailer to visit his maize fields and the village of Wrington. Once back, we went pond dipping and found so many creatures, including dragonfly nymphs. Then it was time to go home. It was such a good day!

IMG_4779 IMG_4781 IMG_4788 IMG_4790 IMG_4795

Friday was a non-uniform day. We did lots of finishing off and in the afternoon went to the exhibition of our art work. 

IMG_4659 IMG_4661 IMG_4711 IMG_4712

Busy, busy!!