6a’s Weekly Chat!

First week back of term- and busy as ever!

The week started with us celebrating Polish Day. We read a Polish folk tale- The Dragon of Krakow- and re-told it. We made Polish patterns and drew the eagle which is national symbol of Poland.




In the afternoon, we learned some Polish words and sang ‘Mr John’ in Polish. During the day we had two assemblies: one in the morning about Holy Communion and one in the afternoon, celebrating Polish culture.

IMG_4468 IMG_4469 IMG_4472


On Tuesday, we started creating our masterpieces for the exhibition during Art Week. We looked at some Pop Art pictures to inspire us and then created our own work, making it as bright and colourful as possible.

In the afternoon, we went to the hall to meet Anna Conomos, the story teller. She told us the story of Daphne and Apollo, using children as actors. We really enjoyed this and later in the week, started continuing the story in our own way. 



Wednesday morning, we walked to John West Re-newables where we met Adam Hall and  learned all about different energy sources for the home. Jess was fascinated by the under ground heat sources and Brandon showed great general knowledge in this area! 


Once back at school, we had our class and individual photos taken.

On Thursday and Friday, we finished off our Pop Art creations and we had fun.

On Thursday afternoon, we designed some hats for the Queen’s birthday which we made working in mixed Y6 teams. A member from each team modelled the hat into assembly on Friday afternoon.