6a’s Weekly Chat!

It’s been another busy week in Year 6! 

On Monday, we set up some experiments related to plants. Each of us has a bean which we are growing to create a display for Reception- very carefully choices were made when naming them and we are tending them with great care! We also put white carnations and celery into water mixed with food colouring so we could see how they take up water. 


We went outside and dug up some buttercups, daisies and clover so we could see and draw all the parts of a flowering plant. We have some great artists in class!


Working in teams, each group decided how they would present their learning about pollination to the rest of the class. There were lots of ideas and variety!


IMG_4336 (2)


On Wednesday, we joined with other schools and enjoyed ‘Weston Rocks!’, a singing session with members of the music service. Everyone was doing their Status Quo moves to ‘Rockin’ All Over the World’ and singing ‘Walking on Sunshine’. 




In the afternoon, we continued the sound theme by exploring which materials work best as the ‘string’ in a string telephone! 



Yesterday and today have been full of exploring friction, Yesterday, we were rolling marbles on different surfaces, posing and solving our own questions. 



Today, we were experimenting with parachutes and air resistance.



We’ve also been writing about Shakespeare and his life. Busy, busy!

Have a lovely weekend! Keep reading!