6a’s Weekly Chat!

How quickly the weeks are flying by!

As well as continuing to prepare for our SATs, 6a have found out more about life in Shakespeare’s time, focusing on school days. Having done some research, the children have written about a day in the life of a Tudor school child- and they are pleased they go to school now! 

We also tried drawing him following instructions given by the authors of the book we are using, Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom.

IMG_0619 IMG_0620









On Tuesday, we went to Plymouth and although it got very chilly when hail came down on us, we had great fun. 6a were- as ever- amazingly well behaved, interested in everything and polite to all. The determination and enthusiasm they showed when tackling the assault course was amazing! When volunteered to do a timed lap, Tyi managed 45 seconds and Gypsy 51- incredible!

IMG_4076 IMG_4104 IMG_4167







Mrs Ludwell and Miss Reasons also went round the course! Brandon had great fun drilling us all, although one or two of us couldn’t stop giggling!

IMG_4158 IMG_4242 IMG_4075

Although the hail come down on us, we really enjoyed our tour round and meeting Theo, the dog, who stole our hearts!


Many of 6a were awarded attendance certificates on Thursday having achieved 98,99 or 100% attendance- well done!

On Friday, the whole school was treated to a music concert from the children who learn an instrument. 6a were well represented by our musicians and Ruth did us proud by comparing the whole event as she was unable to play. 

IMG_4267 IMG_4272

IMG_4277 (2)


We had great fun at the end of Friday, using our maths skills to solve a mystery. It was excellent to see different groups working so well as teams and showing such determination! 

IMG_4281 IMG_4284

Next week, I hope to see as many children as possible at 8.30am for support with anything they would like to look at in the week before SATs.


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!