6a’s Weekly Chat!

Has another week really flown by? It doesn’t seem possible!

On Tuesday, we had a follow up visit from the ladies from the NSPCC. The class were excellent and responded really well, joining in and answering with enthusiasm!



Thursday afternoon, we had a visit from M. G Leonard who talked to us about her first book, ‘Beetle Boy’. She was really interesting and had the children completely captivated, discussing her book and telling us about her favourite beetles. 



Lots of children bought copies of the book and had it signed. It was so lovely to see them proudly clutching their books. Make sure you look at our ‘Book Reviews’ page to see some of the beetle drawings and reviews of the event that 6a have written!

In Literacy, we have been continuing our work on spelling, punctuation and grammar, reading and writing. This week, we wrote in role as if we were a servant arriving at Hampton Court Palace, focusing on our use of description.  

We learned about ratio and proportion in maths. Using Smarties to work out proportions proved very successful! 



We are still working very hard preparing for SATs. There are lots of groups going on and the children are joining in with great enthusiasm. I had a lovely time with my writing group this morning; the children worked so hard!

Please make sure the children have completed the homework they have been set in their three books and mark the work with them. It all needs to be in on Wednesday and will take them about 40 minutes in total. 

Have a lovely weekend!