6a’s Weekly Chat

Hi,and welcome to 6a!

Did you work out the maths question in our last blog?

Last week was a very busy week!!!!

On Monday, we had a fun but hard working day.

It was Remembrance Day on Tuesday and we watched a film about the poppies on display at the Tower of London.

Mr Matthews and Mrs Charles came to vist on Wednesday; they looked at some of our books and asked us a few questions about our targets and how we are getting on with our work.They were very pleased with what they saw.

Thursday was really exciting because we got 20 class points and when we get them, we get a class treat.We made chocolate Pudsey’s and short bread biscuits.

In Celebration Assembly on Friday,Toni got her Gold Certificate and Madison got her Silver. It was also Chlldren in Need day! We dressed up as super heroes and made awesome masks.In our class, we welcomed three chilldren from Oldmixon school who came and made their masks with us. At 2.30pm, the whole school assembled in the Big Hall then we all paraded around the playground and Mr B filmed us!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and don’t forget to log on next time.

Leo & Trinity