6a’s Weekly Chat!

It’s been straight back to work after our week’s holiday. I am delighted to say that the children have come back ready to work- and nearly everyone had done their half term homework on time!

Our work on the novel, ‘Treason’, is continuing and this week, the children have really exploring the different characters in the story. Using the text and some paintings, they created ‘freeze frames’ showing scenes from Henry VIII’s court.





Using the ideas the children had developed using drama, they then wrote letters as if they were someone at Henry’s court- a servant or a noble person- and shared all the gossip about one of characters- Lady Carew! The children wrote very well and are happy to share their work if you wish to pop in and read it!


In maths lessons, we have revised a couple of areas- line graphs and finding the mean average- and we introduced the concept of BIDMAS. Mr Matthews joined us for this lesson and was really impressed with the children’s attitude and willingness to learn. 

Mr M continues to report excellent attitudes and learning in PE sessions. It is wonderful to see how much 6a enjoy these lessons and how hard they work in them. 

Thank you to all the parents who continue to support us in our quest to all read daily at home! The children are genuinely proud of their efforts and the improvement in reading is wonderful. I’m hoping to have more book reviews to share soon!


This week coming, we are off to Hampton Court. I am so excited about this as I have never been  lucky enough to be allowed to take a school trip there before. I have always been told it’s far too expensive to consider so I am thrilled to be taking my lovely children. They will get so much from this experience. Mrs Waldron and I went for a day during half term so we can make sure we get the best out of the day with the children. Even though I have been many times, I am always deeply impressed by its beauty and the sense of the past the palace holds.





Until next week!