6a’s Weekly Chat

What an end of term it’s been! So much has been going on that we haven’t managed to post for a couple of weeks!

We went on a lovely trip to Clearwell Caves where we followed the story of Evie’s aeroplane through the caverns. We found Father Christmas in one cave and each of us chose a gift at the elves’ store. 6a behaved beautifully as ever and we all had a lovely time! The children also went to see The Nutcracker in Weston which they really enjoyed. Although I wasn’t able to go with them, I heard lots of lovely comments about their behaviour and attitude. 

We finished our work on Beowulf which has all gone really well. Everyone’s writing skills have really improved- next term we’ll publish some pieces to share with everyone in our chat! The class also composed and performed Christmas poems in groups- these were lovely. Each group chose to do this in a very different way which made watching their work a real pleasure!

In maths, we have continued our work on fractions and started finding percentages of amounts. I hope everyone continues learning their tables over the holidays!

All the Christmas performances were lovely and of such a high standard! Christmas lunch was great fun- everyone laughing, sharing cracker jokes and singing along to the Christmas songs! The Fair went really well and the Carol Service was the perfect end to the term. Shane did the 6a reading beautifully- I was very proud of him!

I have had such a wonderful term with my class and I know the other adults who work in 6a feel the same way. They are a lovely group of children and I am proud to be their teacher. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! See you in 2016.


Mrs Wilsher