6a’s Weekly Chat!

This week we have been focusing on fractions-improper and mixed numbers and lots more!

In Literacy, we have been writing a persuasive text . We acted out Hrothgar  trying to persuade Beowulf to kill Grendel and used this to help our writing. We have been using the passive voice in our writing. This means that instead of saying ‘the cat was walking  on the mat’, we would say ‘the mat was being walked on by the cat’.

In maths, fractions have not been stopping us trying to solve them! Who knew that food can help us solve finding fractions of a shape and finding mixed number fractions? We used jelly cubes, sandwiches, chocolate bars and pizzas to solve problems.

We are still learning about the Anglo-Saxons in History and so we had to dress Turn-Up Ted as an Anglo-Saxon when we returned him on Friday as we won him last week. He looked great! We had even made him a shield!

See you next week for more news from 6a!