6a’s Weekly Chat


This week we have been having fun days in 6a, for example,  making kites with beautiful patterns for our school play called “Let’s go fly a kite!” We had fold, measure and cut the card before decorating it. On the back, we stuck a stick with some tape and some streamer to act as its tail.


We did multiplication and division which were hard but fun.  We all know how important it is for us to learn our tables! We used the grid method and then formal methods. For division, we used the ‘bus stop’ method. 

On Friday 16th, we had our Open Morning. We did maths games and board games and challenges on the computer. All the parents joined in too!!

We have been reading ‘Small Change for Stuart’ as our class story. It is good because it has lots of detail and clues.

Visit us again next week!

Ethan and Connor