6a’s Weekly Chat

Hi Everybody!
What a week it’s been! On Monday we were sent to the Big Hall as soon as we arrived . As we entered we could see two people dressed up in strange clothes and they were talking in a funny language. We soon found out that they were Anglo Saxons and that they were going to teach us all about their life and culture. First we had to make a shield wall, then we looked at the weapons they used. After that, we played Saxon games. Later on they dressed Mrs Richards up as a rich Christian lady which made us all laugh!! The day finished with a story about Beowulf. It was a brilliant “WOW” day!

In maths this week we have solved multi-step problems and investigated square numbers. It was quite difficult at times but we didn’t give up!

Science was very exciting and different! The challenge was to investigate what would happen to balloons, put over the tops of bottles, when there was a different solution put into each one. They all had yeast and sugar in them but some had different temperature water. The one with the boiling water blew the balloon up.

Friday was a great day! In the afternoon we skyped an author called Brian Selznick in London. We asked him lots of questions and learnt many things about him and his three books. It was a unique experience!

Join us next week for more updates.

Luke & Kane