6A’s Weekly Chat

Hi! Welcome to 6a’s weekly chat.
This week was jam packed full of exciting things.

In Literacy, we have started our new class book called Mary Poppins. We wrote notes in our Literacy books. We were finding the differences between the book and the film.

In maths, we have been rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand or million. We had different work to choose from.

In science, we have going to do an experiment with yeast, sugar and cold water, warm water, boiling water and no water. We will put a balloon on top and we have got to see what will happen.

Also, we are going to do a scene in the show called ‘Let’s go fly a kite.’ We have got the scene of the kite flying.

Thanks very much for reading our blog! Don’t forget to join us next week with our blog.

Bye! Shane and Charlie