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6a weekly news!

This week, 6a have been writing different types of poems. The first one we wrote was a haiku from Japan. We wrote them about the Christmas story. They were all amazing. Here are is an example from Danielle:



Radiant beams leading kings,

Twinkling in the sky.

The next day, we wrote an acrostic poem. They are poemswhere you right the word downwards and here is an example:


Crackers loudly snapping and exploding.

Roaring laughter coming from joyful people.

As carolers sing Christmas songs merrily.

Christmas crackers all around the room.

Kind people giving gifts and love around,

Eating mince pies and pudding.

Red faces of joy having fun.

Snapping crackers all around.

by Brandon.

On Wednesday, we started with our marbled Christmas cards. We first started with marbling.Marbling is a type of art with paint and oil. We had a tray of water and we added our paints and oils. We used a variety of colours. After, we put in 3 peices of paper one after another and the oil paints lifted onto the paper.Then we drew our Christmas pictures in our sketch books.After, we drew our pictures on black paper and cut them out. Then we stuck them on our marbled paper and onto our card.

On Thursday, we have finished our work and we went out to break. We are now looking forward to our Christmas lunch!


Danielle and Brandon

See you all after Christmas! have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Mrs Wilsher