6a Weekly Chat!

Welcome back to 6a’s weekly blog!

On Monday, we were looking at Beowulf, our magnificent book. As our topic is about the Anglo-Saxons, this is the perfect book as it was first written down in these times. We started by highlighting unfamiliar vocabulary and using dictionaries to look them up. In Maths, we did lots of measuring, using metres, millimetres and centimetres. In the afternoon, we started to research Anglo-Saxon life on the computers.

On Tuesday, we read through the opening of Beowulf and started to summarise it by making bullet points.  In maths, we estimated the weight of different objects and learned about grams and kilogrammes.

We wrote our summaries on Wednesday and had PE. We did gymnastics in PE and enjoyed it. We worked in groups and Mr M showed us some moves that we could do. At the end, we did a little routine that lasted up to 30 seconds.

On Thursday, we presented our research about the Anglo-Saxons to the rest of the class. Mrs W listened carefully to how clearly we spoke and how well we explained our work. She also watched how well we worked in a team. She was very pleased!

On Friday, we wrote non-chronological reports using the information that we had gathered. In the afternoon, we used the laptops to practise our tables before going to the library.

We have had our guided reading sessions everyday and we are all doing very well with reading regularly at home.

See you again next week!