6A Mega Post!

So much has happened this term! The children- and adults!-  in 6a worked really hard in preparation for SATs, but still managed to have fun along the way. Miss H was on board too, linking spelling and tables to her games lessons!

The final two weeks have been particularly busy- and 6a have really shown what they can do!

Last week, we had our SAT tests. Each day started with an amazing breakfast- the staff from Year 5 and 6 were in bright and early getting everything ready- and it was a real pleasure to see all of Year 6 sitting together, chatting and playing happily.

As each test came and went, the children shone with confidence and determination. We were so proud of them!

Thursday was a day of great excitement! As soon as we had finished our final paper, we got ready to go to Brean Splash for the afternoon. The children loved it and had a great time on the inflatables, slides and so on! And I had great fun watching them!

The sun came out on Friday and the children had a tournament where they played each other at different sports! At lunchtime, Mr Matthews put on his apron, lit the barbeques and the fun began!

SATs were officially over!


This week has been Arts Week. Creative writing, poetry, making and music have been the order of the day!

On Tuesday, we gathered together with children from Oldmixon and Worlebury joined us for ‘Weston Rocks’. The amazing teachers from the music service taught us so much – and we made a recording of our work!

On Wednesday, we started our Dragon Poems. The children’s writing is really improving…

Crimson eyes staring deep down towards me

Surveying the area like its ruler,

Like beams of blazing fire

Scorching whatever is in its path.


Drooling jaws spark insistent flames,

Attacking the heart of its pray,

Like a dagger drenched in venom,

Revealing the dark secret of the night.

(from Mia’s poem)


Almond, amber eyes,

 Supressing secrets and malicious memories,

Paralyze you with fear.


An expression of sin and immorality

Fills his sapphire face.

His snout snuffles as he sleeps,

Growling loudly.

Impaling fangs vanquish victims.

Needle-like ear tips swivel towards his pray.

(from Danielle’s poem)

During open afternoon, we made dragon eggs, origami dragons, practised our sketching skills (of dragons) and made clay dragons. Thank you very much to all the family and friends who came to help! Some of 6a also helped Mrs McKay with our maths and poetry dragon and others helped to paint the new pictures along the hall corridor!

On Thursday, we faced The Great 6a Bake Off where groups were up against each other to use their maths skills to create the best tasting and looking cupcakes. There was much hilarity and hard work! The groups demonstrated excellent team skills and put their knowledge and understanding of estimation, weighing, measuring, ratio, proportion, etc to good use.

We’re looking forward to the exhibition this afternoon- and to a restful holiday!