5b’s round up

For the past few weeks,5B have been doing fractions in Maths. For the first lessons we were starting to understand what a fraction is. We then learnt how to add them up. First you have to make sure that the denominators are the same. Then you add the numerators together but keep the denominators the same. We have just finished taking-away fractions and have started multiplying fractions by whole and mixed numbers.
In English we have been reading Wolf Brother it is set in the Sone Age; Wolf Brother is our English topic. Everyone is enjoying it.
We have also been going to Hans Price alternately each week with 5a. In these educational sessions we have been doing exercises and learning about our heart rate and healthy diets. All of our exercising is part of another topic called Circle of Life. To help with this topic, Mrs Richards visited us with her baby Thomas and told us how she cares and looks after him.
As some of you have seen we have won three lunchtime awards and that is a big improvement for us as we used to have low scores. As well as earning an award for lunchtime, we earned an award for P.E with 50 points.
Keeping on the positive side, at the start of the term we were told that if we behave goldenly we would get an extra 15 minutes fab Friday. We also had to behave well because this week we had Parent’s evening. 5b definitely wants to get an excellent report.
Three days into the Chinese new year celebrations we made dragons made out of paper plates, egg boxes and paper. We were really pleased how they ended up.
Some children bought books by author, Huw Powell. He was invited to our school to tell us about himself and his books. Huw Powell has a wife, 2 sons and 0 daughters. He has written three books and is in the middle of writing another; he visited our classrooms and answered our questions.
Mr Howell said we have all worked hard and that we all deserve a break.
Reported and written by Lukas and Imogen