5b’s Hard Working Week…

This week 5b have been learning how to calculate 10% and 1% of amounts and then using this knolwedge to calculate other amounts such at 11%, 12% and 15%.

In Literacy we have been writing our own narratives based on our class reader, Lady of Shalott. We worked hard to include a range of connectives, and good quality adjectives and adverbs.

Here are a couple of extracts of our work…

‘The Lady of Shalott ran as fast as she could in her special dress that her mother had given her and it had sparkling diamonds on it. Her hair down to her shoulders which was glistening red in beautiful curls.’ By Brandon

‘It had been 16 long years locked in the castle. The Lady of Shalott was weaving carefully when the door creaked open. The moonlight was shining through the window and a dark figure appeared; it was her wicked Step Mother.’ By Danielle

We hope you enjoyed listening to parts of our story!