5 ⭐️ dining for 1a

This week has been very busy in 1a.

On Wednesday we celebrated the Hindu festival of Navarati.  In the morning we acted out the story of the Goddess Durgha and how she beat the evil daemon Mahisha.  In the afternoon we did lots of lovely craft with our mums and dads.  We made Golu dolls, Navarati cards and story pyramids.  It was a really fantastic afternoon.

On Thursday we had a very special day.  We went to a restaurant for our lunch.  We walked to the Pavillion Beefeater restaurant.  When we got there we had to choose our food from the menu.  There was a choice of sausages and mash or Pasta and garlic bread.  We also chose our desserts fruit or ice Cream.  The waitress came with our food.  It was very tasty.  When we had finished our meal, ep said thank you and paid for our food.

The restaurant gave each of a colouring book and a balloon.

What a fabulous experience!  image image image image image image