4B roll up to the circus!

Welcome to the new year.  We are the new 4B and we hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures this year.  We started the year off with an exciting mini-topic about the circus.  We learned about circuses from other cultures and we really learned a lot about the Chinese State Circus which tours Europe.  We have done lots of writing about it and other activities!  We even had a debate about whether it is right to use animals in circuses.  Our conclusion was a resounding ‘no’!  Many new members of 4B thought it was very cruel.  Did you know- the Chinese State Circus do not use animals in their show?


Luckily, on Friday a circus came and set up on our school field and there were no performing animals there, just two very funny, entertaining ‘clowns’ who made us laugh non-stop for an hour.  They even gave us some training.  Here’s our photos of the training:

IMG_4076 IMG_4075 IMG_4069 IMG_4066 IMG_4063 IMG_4046 IMG_4037 IMG_4032

We have done some work on our dreams and aspirations as well.  We wrote about what we want to do when we are older and painted pictures of us doing this.  We had discussions about what we would need to do in order to achieve this.  We also started a fabulous reading challenge in our class.  It is called ‘The Milestone Challenge’.  If you read lots of pages in books, at 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1000 pages you get a prize.  Pretty much all of us brought our book bags in and we all now have library books.   It is getting very competitive in 4B!  All for the love of reading.  We also started our ‘Blind Dates’ with a book.  Becca is currently on her blind date with a weird book and is already halfway through it.  Surprisingly, Becca found a sachet of hot chocolate and she made it to have with her reading date!


We are looking forward to the World War 2 topic, the Human Body topic and the Egyptians this year and of course we are looking forward to doing even better than our jungle opera last year and staging a production across Year 3 and 4.  The first of its kind!  There’s exciting things coming our way and we hope you will be regularly reading our blog!  Au revoir for now!