4a’s weekly news.

Hello again 4a fans!

We have had a really busy week of learning this week and by Friday afternoon, our brains were hurting!

In English, we started our new book, War Boy, which fits in wonderfully with our WW2 topic. We have only read the very beginning but are already hooked. At the start, a terrible event occurred! A bomb came through the boy’s window, into his bedroom! Can you imagine that? We had the chance to get into character and create freeze frames to show how we would feel or react. Can you tell from these pictures what we thought  and how we would react?FullSizeRender (2)                          FullSizeRender (1)

We used our feelings to write diary entries, either as the boy or his mother. Some of them were brilliant and we all tried to include compound sentences (using and, but, so and yet), amazing colour vocabulary and emotive language. Miss Edwards loved this phrase; The room lit up volcanic red. Test us on our colour vocabulary, we no longer just use red, blue, green, orange etc!

In Maths we have had a week of investigations. We have looked at Roman Numerals and the Ancient Egyptian number system. We noticed that the Romans used letters for their numbers and the Egyptians used seven different symbols. Here is the Ancient Egyptian number system. Isn’t it interesting!


We have also started thinking about our Science topic, Electricity. We had the chance to explore lots of different things related to electricity and generated some fantastic questions that we would like to know the answers to.

Have a lovely week!