4a’s news

Afternoon 4a fans,

This week we have continued reading Krindlkrax and have reached a very exciting part. Ruskin is considering going into the sewers! We have talked about this as a class and have started to write our own discussion texts based on the question “Should Ruskin go into the sewers to find Krindlkrax?” 

We have also started a new maths journey, Fraction Fiasco, and are going to be learning about fractions for the next few weeks. Did you know the number on the top is the numerator and the number on the bottom is the denominator? 

We went on an amazing trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovil. It was such a great day and we wish we could have stayed longer! While we were there we had so much fun and also learnt a lot. We had a sewing workshop to look at the important aspect of Make Do and Mend and all made our own identity card holders. Also, we created rationed menus for Miss Edwards and could not believe how little of some items people had during World War 2. Additionally, we got to explore the museum and learn all about the different planes and helicopters that flew during the war. We were also lucky enough to walk through a plane. Not just any plane but Concorde! It was fascinating! 

Please look through our pictures to see what we got up to!


We could not believe how big Concorde was!

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