4a’s learning adventure

We are sorry that we haven’t written for a while but we have been so engrossed in our learning that time has run away from us. Here is a catch up of what we have been up to this term.

We are working on fractions. We have been doing lots of problem solving and reasoning about fractions.

We started a new book called Into the Forest. We have written stories based on Into the Forest and in our stories we have met some interesting characters while we are on journeys to different places.

We have been moving up our times tables ladder and our number bonds knowledge is also improving.

We have nearly finished reading Roman Quests.

In RE, we have been starting to do work on the festival of Chinese New Year. We have done some research about China and did you know, brown is the most common eye colour in China and the second most common is blue!

We have been using the new laptops to do some programming on a programme called SCRATCH. We had the chance to animate our names by changing colour of the letters, adding pictures, adding sounds and movements.

Last week, we had a visit from an author called Huw Powell. He spoke to us about his books – Space Jackers. He also came around to our class and signed copies of his book for us. How lucky are we?

Miss Edwards has been noticing lots of positive behaviour in our classroom and we now have a WOW board to celebrate the positive things and great behaviour choices in our class.

Thank you for reading our 4a adventures. Join us next time for the next chapter. See you soon!