4a Trip to Westonbirt by Corben

On Tuesday 13th June, we went on a school trip called Westonbirt Arboretum. On the coach Rio, Liame and Mrs Waldron were doing a spin test with some of Rio’s fidget spinners. When we got there, we saw some lights for the weekend as I they were having a big concert on there on Saturday.
It took us half an hour to get to the orienteering. When we got to orienteering, we were looking for clues on the map to get to each number. 45 minutes later… lunch! We saw Miss Mackay’s group there and we thought they had won the hunt. Then Mrs Waldron went over there and she found out they hadn’t got all the clues. When she returned to our table, I asked her how they’d done and she told us they hadn’t got them all right. Eventually, the last group arrived for lunch. Apparently, they had got lost in the woods. After lunch, we were going to the bridge. Then Julia’s group joined us on the bridge and we climbed the lookout tower which was very high up. Unfortunately, after this we had to go home. However, we all had a fantastic time at a beautiful place.


By Corben Smith