4A collecting diamond power

Hi 4a fans!

Dr Tom came to visit us this week, telling us all about our brain’s powers! He told us how we can get special “gems” which imporve our powers. We are focusing on The Diamond power which Dr Tom told us we need to use to solve small problems for ourselves, so we are working as a team to collect more diamonds than Mrs Green and Mrs Larder!

In maths we have been learning about fractions and we have been solving lots of fraction problems using shape and number. Some of us thought that it was very tricky but once we practised it was very easy really!  Do you know what 1/5 of 60 is? Kai knows!!!

In literacy we have been looking persuasive leaflets becasue we will be writing one to persuade Varjak’s family to come Outside. We looked at the leaflets and thought about what was good and what we could improve. We made a checklist of persuasive features. We also pretened to be Varjak’s family to think of reasons to persuaed them to live Outside.

This week we have been learning some French foods. Do you know what tea is in French? Juliette knows! Do you know what a pomme is? It is an apple! Je desteste poisson says Haydn.

This week we have been finding out and learning about slaves, skilled workers, pharoahs, priests and farmers in history. We had a competition to see which group could find the most information to share with the rest of teh class. Skilled workers wore jewellry and skirts too!

In PE we  have been doing gymnastics and sharing the sequences with each other. We have been trying to use and make up actions for the skills from Varjak in PE. Some skills are shadow walking, moving circles, open mind, slow time and trust in yourself.

Bye for now 4a fans, see you next week.