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3b’s weekly news…

Hello again!

As the opera draws ever near, we have been fine tuning our performances. Emilia, and her assistant Kodie, have nearly completed all of the costumes. It was very exciting to see Lilly face-painted as our mother alien. Mykee and Lilly, our makeup artists, had help this week from their assistant, Sarah (who is Cole’s mum), so that on our performance days we won’t have half painted aliens because of the time limits. There’s so much to think about but everybody is now taking full responsibility for their role in the Company and we can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Tuesday, we learnt about the Buddhist celebration of Wesak. In the afternoon, we were lucky to have parents join us to take part in our challenge which was to research Wesak and create a poster to display our learning. Below is the outcome of our hard work. We hope you like them.