3b’s Opera…we’re getting there!

We knew we had to get our opera plot decided this week so we have had several sessions of creative group work. A little editing is needed but we now have a plot. We would tell you but that would spoil the surprise! Next it will be costumes, songs, deciding on who will be doing what. All class members will have a role and so we need to think about what we are interested in and what our strengths are ready for our applications to the company director (Mrs Paddon!)

We have been learning a different way to do multiplication. Most of us prefer this new quick method but some of us still like using a grid. So far, Imogen is the only one of us to solve the puzzle about how many were going to St Ives. Well done, Imogen! However, Mrs Paddon is sure more of us will solve it on Monday.

This week has also been full of poetry. We have watched poets performing, we have listened to poems and we have been writing our own. We have been using personification, similes and metaphors. Next week, we will finish by looking at idioms and writing some more of our own poetry before moving on to our next text which is The Ironman. We’re sweating blood! (Just warming up our idioms …..we are working hard and doing lots of learning!)