3B’s news….

We have had a busy fortnight!

While the general election was going on, year 3 and 4 held a mock election. Year 4 candidates came into our class where they had a leaders debate. After putting some questions to them, we decided who we thought best represented our values and on the day of the election we filled in our ballot papers. We ended up with a coalition government between the Conservatives and the Old Peoples Party!

On VE day, we again had year 4 pupils visit our classroom as they role played soldiers returning from war. We waved flags that we had made in anticipation of their visit. Here we are celebrating….


For maths, we have been solving number puzzles. This week we have been using the bus stop method to solve divisions. Most of us can now deal with remainders.

The 2nd draft of our opera libretto has been completed and we know what our roles are. Maria Witoszek is our Company Director and so she is in charge! Next week, we will be working on composing melodies for our songs. Performance day is fast approaching!