3B’s Art Week

3B’s Art Week 


Penelope with the suitors (by Pinturicchio)

By completing a puzzle of the art work, Penelope with the suitors, we looked closely at its contents.

Because we had heard the story of Odysseus, in assembly, we were able to make links to things in the image. We also noticed that there was a window behind Penelope and it reminded us of our class text, Belonging, which has a changing view from Tracy’s window. We decided to make our own frames and create a seascape as the view. Some of us have included Odysseus or the mythical creatures that he encountered on his journey.

We have also been weaving this week. Penelope is weaving in the art work. She would weave all day and unpick at night. If you want to know why, ask us.



A dancer came into school to help us create a dance that told the story of Odysseus and his men meeting a sea monster. We danced with 3a and thought it was fun.

Lastly, we sang some songs about Odysseus’ journey.

We hope you managed to come to see the art exhibition. If you didn’t, here are pictures of our display.