3b weekly update.

We have read more of Krindlekrax. 

                        ‘It is fabulous!’ – Liam     ‘and exciting!’ – everyone agrees.

We have been introduced to more characters and we have used hot seating to make inferences about the character.   Thinking about how authors describe characters, we sketched Ruskin and were pleased to find our pictures were very like the illustrations from the book. Mrs Paddon was very impressed. We have been practising creating our own characters and using descriptive language to describe them. While describing, we have used adjectives to create noun phrases and we have also been using expanded noun phrases and similes. We are getting good at knowing word classes.

In French, we have been learning numbers by playing bingo. We are now more confident with numbers up to 20.

In PE, we have been learning gymnastics. This includes rolls, flips, balancing and jumping and we have made routines out of the moves we have learned.

On Friday afternoon, we had our first critical skills challenge which was to find out about world leaders during WW2. Our challenge was to work effectively in small teams to create and present a poster about one of the leaders. After the challenge, we agreed some key learning points that would improve our team working skills. Here are some photos of our posters.