3b weekly news

This week we wrote a class poem that we feel very proud of. We learned that working together we can produce fantastic writing!

We had a visitor come into school called Ben Rushgrove who is a famous athlete. During the day we were part of a whole school circuit training session. Here are some pictures:














For spelling practise, we played a game called short or long and we had lots of fun. Mrs Paddon was impressed with our vowel sound expertise.

To help us become better readers, we have been challenging ourselves to read for a prolonged period of time. We are not doing as well as a year 2 class but we have decided that we can beat their time! We will let you know when we do.

In art, we have been drawing Mesopotamian Blue cats (like Varjak) and we are going to help each other improve on our drawings by giving critique which is kind, helpful and specific.

Today we had the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball. We learned a lot about the game and it made us aware that some people needed to use wheelchairs so that they could move around. Here we are playing the game.


IMG_3594 IMG_3617 IMG_3608

Julia says wheelchair basketball was ‘super fun’. Saariyah thought it was great that the man could do a wheelie in his wheelchair!