3b update

Our learning journey for maths is leading to a ‘Smartie Challenge’ and for that we need to be able to work with fractions. We spotted that there was a link between fractions and division. Also, we have been working on our times tables. Mrs Paddon has set us a challenge to all know our tw0, five and ten times tables by Christmas. If we succeed we will get a class reward!

Here is a photo of some of us helping to show what happens when you multiply or divide by 10.



In English, we have been learning about noun phrases and we using them in our stories. We are currently writing a rescue and return story set in World War 2.

We carried out a circuit investigation in science to see what happened to the brightness of a bulb if we changed parts of the circuit. Each table decided which one thing we would change so that we could develop a fair test. It was lots of fun! Here are photos of us working together to plan and carry out our test.

IMG_3118[1] IMG_3119[1] IMG_3115[1] IMG_3116[1]