3b update

In maths we have been learning to tell the time. We have looked at analogue clocks and recorded the time in numbers  ( like a digital clock).

Our spelling of the week has been graphemes for the /ai/ sound. We enjoyed playing a game where we had to move around and stand by the grapheme that we thought belonged in the spelling of a word. Cody and Ethan won one game, Matty and Alfie won another and Lucy and Alfie won the final game. Well done Alfie..2 wins.

In English, we have started a new book and we don’t know the title yet. We have looked at poetry to make rhymes and yesterday we wrote some phrases about an image. Today, we edited the phrases and wrote our best sentence for a competition. We don’t know which group has won yet!


We have a new topic, Stones Roses. We have been learning about rocks. We got to look at some and sort them using categories that we chose with our group.

Some of us had fun on Thursday after school because we had a Where’s Wally club. We made t-shirts and had posters. Also, we played a game outside and Lewis own. At the end of the club we had hot chocolate and biscuits. During the day, there was a Where’s Wally hunt for all children in the school.