3b update

Last week was very busy and very exciting!

On Monday, we played wheelchair basketball. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, we had a visitor in from Wilmot Dixon, Hannah, who set us a tetrahedron challenge. Here are some photos. The final tetrahedron nearly reached the ceiling!

In maths, we have being reading scales and measuring mass. We are using bar modelling to help us solve worded problems.

In our text, I was a Rat, Roger has just been caned by the headmaster. We have had a debate about corporal punishment. Today, we have started to plan a discussion text which will give reasons for and reasons against corporal punishment. Last week, we also ordered the text that we had read so far, we looked for evidence that Roger was a rat and thought about how Roger felt at different parts of the story.

We have started practising for a performance. The cast has been decide and we like the song that we will be including.

In science we have started to learn about sound. We have discussed what we know and what we would like to know.